Animated Film Is Pro-Gay, And Yet….


In Hollyweird, the lord giveth and she taketh away.

For every yay-gay message that seeps into films, there’s at least one to make you question just how accepting these people really are.

A case in point is the animated film ParaNorman, about a boy with special powers who fights ignorance and manages to end a curse in the process.

I found the film darkly clever and visually appealing, if a little thin.

And I was especially delighted when a character blurted out that he had a boyfriend–a lovely moment of gay visibility, which made perfect sense in a movie about anti-bullying.

But just as I was floating with joy from that moment, it was immediately followed by another bit:

ParaNorman gushes to his male friend that he’s so grateful that the friend has been there for him the whole time.

On hearing this, the friend responds, “Yeah, of course. Don’t get weird or anything!”


The old gay panic button?

Hollywood could make you crazy.

Of course I might be still pushing my own p.c. button from the ’80s.