Incredible Pizza Delivery Via Balloons to Rooftop Protesters


By now you’ve heard about the student protests at 153-year-old, privately-funded Cooper Union, where 12 members of Students for a Free Cooper Union have barricaded themselves in the clock-tower demanding the resignation of school president Jamshed Bharucha, along with a public statement from the school of its commitment to ongoing free tuition.

CU has a reported $16.5 million budget deficit and its 110-year record of free tuition was broken this past April, when the school began charging its graduate students.

Though alumni working in the art world may not always have the financial means to provide substantial donations to their school, a few came together on Tuesday to support the protesters with some pizza from Two Boots.

The students had brought along some oatmeal and ramen to keep them going in the clock tower, but this hot meal and symbol of support was greeted with cheers as it climbed up eight stories outside the building, on a pulley system of wires and helium balloons.

Watch this clip of Chris Hayes explaining the background of the school, the protest, and the incredible pizza delivery from Wednesday night’s episode of The Rachel Maddow Show.

Today marks the fifth day of the lock-in; you can keep up with the students on Twitter @FreeCooperUnion.

h/t Eater