Tomorrow: Hanukkah Culinary Face-Off, Ashkenazi Vs. Sephardic


Two great groups make up modern Judaism: the Ashkenazi, who originated in Central and Eastern Europe, and the Sephardim, who have long been spread out among far-flung places from Portugal to China. Though their faiths are similar, their folkways and food habits are far different. Beginning tomorrow around sunset, in celebration of the Eight Days of Hannukah, Fork in the Road will be presenting competing Sephardic and Ashkenazi dishes for the duration of the holiday, two each evening in a sort of face-off. It’s up to you to decide who has the best food.

Mallory Stuchin will be presenting the Ashkenazi side, while Robert Sietsema will advocate for Sephardic food. So please tune in tomorrow, and have your comments ready. The winner will be decided based on combined social media shares and comments, and a winner will be announced on the eighth day.

Let the games begin!