Lady Bunny Is Dropping Out Of Weekly Event


Hot Mess is the highly entertaining drag revue every Friday night at xl, hosted by the wickedly funny duo Bianca del Rio and Lady Bunny.

Or at least it was.

Gossip in the drag bars had it that Bunny dropped out of the show, citing backstage melodrama and the fact that it’s a lot of work–“as much work as Wigstock,” she’s supposedly deadpanned, referring to the gigantic drag festival Bunny used to organize every year.

But wait!

Bunny just weighed in with her real reasons:

She emailed me:

“I left Hot Mess primarily because I broke my big toe right before Thanksgiving. So there are no heels for me for two months. I am still doing DJ gigs while seated and I’m doing a few big shows out of town which were already contracted and advertised, so I couldn’t cancel them.

“But I ain’t young and my livelihood hinges on wearing high heels. So I have to take extra precautions to make sure that it heals properly. There were some other issues with the night but the main thing was the toe. Unlike my solo show, in Hot Mess I am running around in group numbers trying to dance and changing costumes very quickly in a dark backstage area with other performers rushing by who could crunch my toe all over again and turn two months in a surgical boot into 4 months.

“I just had to put my health first.”

Well, they don’t call her Lady Bunion for nothing.