After Sandy: Acqua at Peck Slip Opens With Free Wine and Food for All


Acqua at Peck Slip got hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, and like most restaurants near the South Street Seaport, endured thousands of dollars in damages — over $200,000 — said manager Nicholas Merni.

But tonight, after weeks of construction, Acqua will open tonight at 6 p.m. and as a celebration, will serve free wine and food for all guests.

“We want to try to get people to come back,” said Merni. “We want to show that we’re still up and we’re the same Acqua they’re used to having. We’re still going strong.”

Merni said they had to redo almost the entire restaurant including walls, floors, kitchen appliances, and the bar. The staff chronicled the construction, which is still going on, on their Facebook page.

But tonight, they hope to put the damage aside, and party with their patrons. Merni hopes this will bring more customers in the coming weeks. “It’s a little sacrifice of food and liquor costs. We just need the business now. It’s a mess.”