Nothing’s Fun About The Proposed MetroCard Fare Hike, But You Already Know That


Every year or so, the story writes itself the same: The MTA needs more money to pay for the rising costs of Everything. Passengers get pissed. Proposals get thrown back and forth. Passengers get even more pissed. Fares go up. Passengers shrug, deal with it and move on.

(The only curiosity in this whole process: have you ever seen Union Square at around 8am or 5pm and then proceeded to ask yourself, “How the hell is the MTA not making huge profits?”)

With that being said, the news of the proposed (and probably definite) fare hike for that little yellow slip in your wallet will not really be that shocking.
Before Sandy hit, the MTA was messing around with a few ideas; one of which would have done nothing but raise the monthly MetroCard up to $125 (bye bye, Manhattan friends). Now, a month after MTA’s costliest disaster in history, it seems as if the agency has come to a conclusion after a week of hearings on the matter and will vote tomorrow on said proposal.
And here’s what that proposal looks like, fellow straphangers.
1. The Permanent Basic Fare: $2.25 -> $2.50
2. The Weekly: $29 -> $30 
3. The Monthly: $104 -> $112
4. That Bonus You Get When You Put A Few Dollars On Your Card: 7% -> 5%
Oh, and the ‘Redeeming Value‘: $5, instead of $10, will be the minimum for those lessened bonus dollars. We guess that’s kind of cool (?). Nonetheless, the proposed fare hike isn’t that bad.
The basic fare will go up a quarter, the Weekly, a dollar, and the Monthly, eight dollars. The basic fare might add up over time but, hey, at least you can stay friends with those living in other boroughs. Always a plus.
And that’s the proposed MetroCard fare hike. Passengers shrug, deal with it and move on.

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