Live Inside Masta Killa’s Selling My Soul Release Party


Better Than: Bobby Digital

Going in, the night’s agenda was loosely defined. We may or may not be listening to Masta Killa’s excellent new album, Selling My Soul, in its entirety. He may or may not perform some of album live. That performance may or may not include special guests. What we got wasn’t much, but for the 50 or so gathered last night at Drom the chance to get up-close-but-not-personal with a couple Wu Legends made it worth it.

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Doors to the venue opened at 10, and by 11:30 the place was still pretty empty. Wu Stans milling about, some complaining that they’d gotten to Drom half an hour before doors to ensure their spot on some ole Fisher-Price My First Wu Tang Experience shit. Of course this thing was going to run late. Way late. It’s Wu Tang. It’s a weeknight for Christ sake. Prove your loyalty. Wu Gods never tire. Only mortals need sleep.

GZA arrived first, hovering around the front door on his phone before greeting the people he loved with a pound and a bear hug. Before too long, a half dozen or so backpackers approached him with Masta Killa posters and napkins to sign.

Masta Killa followed shortly after, lazily walking in about a quarter til midnight. He and GZA hugged, and the two were ushered away to a backstage area. And that was it.
There were rumors RZA was going to show up later, but that never materialized.

As the night wore on, DJ PF Cuttin spun lots of great old school hip hop from the likes of Jeru the Damaja, Brand Nubians, Gang Starr, and others. He worked in some Wu classics as well, cuing up GZA’s “Liquid Swords,” when the man himself walking into the building. He played a couple Selling tracks too, and around 12:30 Masta himself came out on stage, thanked the crowd for coming out, expressed his gratitude to Nature Sounds for putting out the album, and then performed two-and-a-half-songs from the album before dropping the mic and heading backstage. And that … was it.

After a half hour or so he emerged from backstage and hung out with the few remaining fans, posing for pictures. “I feel blessed,” he told us. “Everyone’s really loving the album, I’m here with my family, everything is lovely. Everything is lovely.”

Critical Bias: The Wu Tang Clan is the greatest rap group ever.

Overheard: “Nice to meet you. I’m Kosha Dillz.” – Kosha Dillz, introducing himself.

Random Notebook Dump: Everything is lovely.

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