Fat Chance: Michael Ruhlman Releases an iPad Cookbook on Schmaltz


Looking for 23 ways to use schmaltz in your holiday recipes? Michael Ruhlman’s got an app for that.

The Book of Schmaltz: A Love Story to a Forgotten Fat is the James Beard Award winning author’s ode to the “heart attack food.” Ruhlman, who details his new appreciation for self-publishing on his blog, fell hard for the rendered chicken fat after being passed a family recipe from a Jewish neighbor. The book features old-world recipes, as well as more modern ones — so you can serve your kreplach with a side of Parisienne gnocchi. Ruhlman also describes how to make “the best chopped liver you’ve ever had,” which might cause a few neglected grandmothers to reconsider how they describe themselves.

“I realize it may be presumptuous for a goy to be writing about the fat of Ashkenazi Jews,” Ruhlman writes. But, no matter, he loves the stuff just the same. And seeing as we’ve been championing plenty of Hanukkah food recently, we’re all in favor of getting extra schmaltzy this time of year.

Check out the trailer for the book, which is available on iTunes.