Get Super Drunk and Play a Power Dreidel Drinking Game Before Hanukkah is Over


Tonight marks the seventh night of Hanukkah and, if you’ve been observing the holidays, you’re probably ready to do something other than marvel at lights and pretend like you wanted those socks.

But it’s Friday! And before you pack up the menorah, make like a Maccabee and play Power Dreidel. Here’s how to spin it right round:

You will need: 4 dreidels, 4 glasses, 3 other people, stamina.

The Rules: Spin all four tops at once. Each person will drink according to the dreidel’s resulting letter. Repeat until the last candle burns out.

If your dreidel lands on:

Nun – Don’t drink (sorry, Nun wins nothing).

Hai – Got beer? Drink half of it. The same goes for cocktails. If you’re playing with leftover Manischewitz, stop it.

Gimmel – The big winner! Finish off your glass and do the same with your neighbors.

Shin – Spinner’s choice. Order someone else to drink, take an extra turn, grab some gelt — it’s your call.

Good luck and Happy Hanukkah from Fork in the Road.