Gingerbread Goes Science Fiction & Fantasy


A picture perfect replica of the All Terrain Armored Transport Vehicle from Star Wars done in gingerbread

Tired of the usual gingerbread houses studded with gumdrops, and fairy tale castles covered in white, jism-like frosting? Well, here’s a new collection of structures made of inedibly dry gingerbread cookies that the rest of us can get behind, especially sci-fi and fantasy fans.

Bruce Wayne’s mansion? You got it, with Batman perched on top, brooding, and a snowperson out front.

Yesterday, Buzzfeed put up a magnificent collection of 20 crazy gingerbread structures, with the themes borrowed from popular literature and the movies. The set ran the gauntlet from Tron to Star Wars to Doctor Who to Lord of the Rings, and yes there was a preponderance of Harry Potter stuff.

Good internet image searching, Buzzfeed! (See next page for more Star Wars stuff we dug up ourselves.)

Fork in the Road has its own literary gingerbread expert in Jessica Goodman, who put up our own collection of gingerbread “houses” with historical and geographic import. But don’t look on Buzzfeed for a link.

Thanks to Tracy Van Dyk, our San Francisco correspondent for only one more month, for the link.

Boasting interior lighting, an edible model of Hogwarts

And turn page for more Star Wars gingerbread that we found in 10 mins of Googling!