Marilyn Hagerty Guest Judged Top Chef, Didn’t Know it Aired


Remember Marilyn Hagerty? She wrote that lovely restaurant review of the Olive Garden in Grand Forks, North Dakota. The article went viral, even though she recently admitted that she didn’t know what viral meant.

The small town food writer was a guest judge on Wednesday’s episode of Top Chef , but she wasn’t aware the episode aired so she missed it!

Hagerty wrote that she heard about the episode from a young woman in town who saw her on the show. Hagerty herself was at a Christmas party.

It is like pulling teeth to find out when these things will happen. I have been in contact with Padma Lakshmi, star of the show, asking when it would appear. She is a doll and she promised to let me know. But oh my goodness, Padma lives a busy life and didn’t get back to me.

She admits later that she is still puzzled by the idea of going “viral.” We’re just waiting for her Anthony Bourdain-approved cookbook comes out.