Domino’s Founder Sues Over Contraceptive Mandate


Domino’s Pizza founder and Roman Catholic activist Tom Monaghan filed a lawsuit in federal court last week, suing the government over its contraceptive mandate.

Monaghan does not currently own Domino’s — he sold the company back in 1998 — but the 75-year-old is bringing attention to the fact that employers who refuse to offer insurance with contraception coverage for their employees can now face fines.

Monaghan founded the Ann Arbor-based pizza chain in 1960 and is the former owner of the Detroit Tigers baseball team. His biography, Living the Faith: A Life of Tom Monaghan was published by the University of Michigan Press.

He has been a public supporter of groups such as Operation Rescue, Right to Life, and the Committee to End State-Funded Abortion in Michigan, for years.