Guess What Makeup Artists Call Angelina?


A top makeup artist was recently applying all sorts of wizardry to my face while sharing some insider gossip with me the way makeup artists are delightfully wont to do.

And he said that in makeup schools around the country, Angelina Jolie is referenced a lot–in a good way, because the Oscar winner apparently does have a nice touch with the cosmetics wand.

But instead of calling her Angelina, a lot of makeup instructors refer to her by a way catchier term…


As in Fraggle Rock, the live action puppet series created by Jim Henson!

They’ll say “Fraggle wears it like this” or “Fraggle contours it like that.”

They think of her as a fuzzy human puppet with exaggerated yet adorable features.

Love it.

No wonder her leg is always out like someone shoved their hand up inside her.