Gun Show Located Near Newtown Still a Go, Because Of Course


It’s now been four days since the Adam Lanza’s killing spree in Newtown, Connecticut, where he killed 27 people, including 20 small children, before committing suicide when he heard first responders to the scene. For the first time ever, it seems, we’re talking seriously looking at gun control, and nearly 181,000 have signed a petition on the White House website demanding legislation that limits access to guns, and it looks like, maybe, possibly, the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre might be a seminal moment in American history, and there will be real change.

But that change ain’t here yet. Since Friday, gun sales are up throughout the United States as people are attempting to feel safer, or otherwise  hoard firearms before the president’s secret police barge into our homes and take our guns. In Utah today, a sixth-grader is in trouble after taking a handgun to school for protection, at the behest of his parents.
The strangest news, though, comes from Danbury, Connecticut, about a dozen miles from Newtown. Big Al’s Gun Shows, a mobile gun bazaar that travels up and down the East Coast, has a show scheduled for January 5-6 in Danbury at the Crown Plaza hotel. To be fair, the show was on the books before the shooting took place. You’d think now Big Al’s will call it off, maybe, out of respect, or prudence, or something. Nah.
We called the company to ask if they were seriously going to go through with it. As soon as we identified ourselves, the man on the line cut us off.
“No comment,” he said. “I’m not talking to reporters right now.” He promptly hung up.
The New York Times also called Big Al’s, who confirmed that the show would still go on. So…that’s happening.