I’m Heavily Featured In A New Book of Wonder!


The World of Wonder has gotten even more wondrous with their new book, The World According To Wonder, featuring photos by Idris + Tony.

W.O.W. is the production company headed by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato who’ve done hot-button documentaries, reality shows, and other projects, tracking everything from Tammy Faye Bakker to Deep Throat–yes, those were two different things–in addition to currently producing RuPaul’s Drag Race.

And get a load of me in the book!

Above, I’m a head in a bottle–a real specimen, I guess.

And here comes an ’80s throwback with me, Randy, Fenton, RuPaul, video documentarian Nelson Sullivan, and the gang, all preparing to burn Atlanta with some crazed show biz shenanigans.

There’s more too, but you’ll have to get the book to find out–or just stubbornly sit back and Wonder.