Tiny Empire Looking for Big Impact in Williamsburg


Nestled between busy Williamsburg restaurants on North 6th Street and Bedford Avenue lies an organic health oasis called Tiny Empire. Walk in and find yourself facing a rainbow assortment of fresh-pressed juices and healthy dessert options of acai bowls and chia seed pudding. Face the counter and get thoroughly confused on what to order as you decide between blends like raw cacao, blueberries and maple syrup or kale, coconut meat and bee pollen smoothies. If you’re looking to undo the damage from some major holiday indulgence, look no further than treating yourself to one of their five-day cleanses that will cost less and taste greater than what you might possibly try blending at home in a Magic Bullet.

Anthony Spadaro brought Tiny Empire from his first Woodstock location to Williamsburg, and as its founder, is as laid back as they come. His mission in selling high-quality juice blends go far beyond health reasons: He says he wants to focus on building a community of people who feel welcome to drop in to taste new juices or simply talk wellness. His personal motivation for a squeaky-clean lifestyle is to be able to snowboard when he’s 80 years old. What better way to get to a ripe old age than downing cold-pressed, nutritious drinks that actually taste good?

Fresh kale grows out of a box inside the store. Bags of rustic Travelers Bark line the shelves and desserts like key lime cheesecake and tiramisu are baked right in the store. I give a big thumbs up for their bottles of orange-grapefruit with cayenne and the pineapple-ginger. Honorable mention goes to the deliciously creamy organic almond milk mixed with Blue Bottle coffee for when caffeine calls.

142 North 6th Street
Williamsburg, Brooklyn