What To Do About The End of the World Tomorrow!


Harold Camping–I mean the Mayan calendar–says the world be will as over as the macarena as of tomorrow, and here’s what it’s urgent that you do:


Don’t take out your money and spend it.

Don’t tell your loved ones of your warm feelings for them, and conversely, don’t tell off those you detest.

Don’t act out your bucket list of things you always wanted to do, like ride a toboggan down Niagara Falls or make a YouTube video of your cat playing with a ball of yarn.

Don’t do anything!

And my reason to not fall victim to all the hype is that I’m a gambler and I’m willing to bet that there’s a tiny chance the world destruction might not happen.

I know it’s minute, but still, there’s a chance that the Mayans were wrong and we could still be here for the weekend.

And I feel that those who win the biggest in life are the ones who take chances and act boldly.

So let’s go with the little bitty hope that world destruction won’t happen tomorrow, and if it doesn’t, then we’ll be the ones who still have money and some dignity!!

Everyone else will be destitute, disturbed, and deeply confused.

Then again, I just heard some rumbling coming from the ground…