5 Eggnog Twists, from Vegan to Tequila-Spiked


Eggnog isn’t that hard to make. Heavy cream, egg yolks, nutmeg, sugar. All the good things holidays are made of. But here are five video tutorials that add extra flair to the Christmas classic.

Vegan Eggnog
If you’re entertaining vegans, try the Sweetest Vegan’s recipe. She calls for avocado and coconut milk instead of eggs and cream.

“Healthy” Eggnog
It’s impossible to watch your weight this season, but if you’re really trying hard, ditch the cream or whole milk and satisfy the calorie counter with eggnog made from almond milk and vanilla pudding mix.

Tequila Eggnog
The Tipsy Bartender suggests spiking your nog with tequila to get your holiday party started. Who knows, maybe one of your guests will wind up with the worm.

Eggnog Ice Cream
This Australian eggnog aficionado gives an easy ice cream version that involves few ingredients, and lots of mixing.

Martha Stewart’s Recipe

Martha gets a little overzealous with the rum when she makes Bronson van Wyck’s recipe, but she’s so sparkly in this video, he can’t resist.