A Three-Hour Medley Of Christmas Songs!


This is all you’ll need as your aural backdrop for what’s left of the Christmas season.

It’s a three-hour–plus 17:56 minute–mashup of every Christmas song ever recorded, from the cute to the charming to the charmingly cute to the downright satanic.

I hate this stuff with a passion, but maybe if we throw it all together and put it on constant replay, it can’t harm us anymore.

We can disempower it by pretending to embrace it.

So press “play” and enjoy the nonstop parade of cozy Xmas hits sung Johnny Mathis, Bing Crosby, and, um, Johnny Mathis.

And at the stroke of midnight on Christmas night, let’s make a vow to delete this video and never play a dreaded Christmas song again!

Or I’ll crawl down your chimney and put rocks in your Christmas pudding.