My Chiffon Got Wet Last Night!


Literally! I got completely drenched riding the bike from a Christmas party on the Upper West Side down to Eastern Bloc, where I was the celebrity guest host for the weekly My Chiffon Is Wet party, but the body heat–and high spirits–had me forgetting all that within seconds.

You know how I normally dart in and out of things, antsy for something better?

Well, I stayed at this place for two and a quarter hours!

With its rec room-like ambience carried out against a decor of Bolshevik chic, it’s a real good time, an East Village haven for lovable lunacy and unselfconscious down-getting.

Hosts Geraldine Visco (who demands that you dance, pose, and relax), Leo Gugu (who spins up and down a pole, then zooms into the crowd for some runway), and Paisley Dalton (who DJs fiercely unpretentious dance stuff) make it a party you want to move into.

I met so many people and posed for so many photos my face is now frozen.

And my chiffon is officially dry.

Photos by Gerry Visco.