A Different Drummer


If there’s one upside to the way that the mainstream has grudgingly acknowledged EDM this year (notably with a new genre category in MTV’s VMAs and examinations of the genre’s big moneymakers in Forbes), it’s that a handful of innovative artists are starting to get more recognition. One such musician is Berlin-via–New 
York EDM producer Travis Stewart, who records as Machinedrum and serves as one half of the glitchy dance group known as Sepalcure—both of whom will be performing tonight, alongside Brooklyn Bass. In 
his solo persona, Stewart concocts giddy, undulating symphonies that owe debts to house, glitch, and funk, while with 
Sepalcure, he and Praveen Sharma (a/k/a Braille) add some Latin touches, making it a fun exploration of rhythm. But to Forbes figure-crunchers, calling it EDM or dubstep still seems to be sufficient.

Sun., Dec. 30, 11 p.m., 2012