My Year In Review: Romney, Tan Mom, and Angelina’s Leg


In my extremely entertaining and informative annual wrapup, I break 2012 down for you, starting with the groundswell of libertarianism which helped Obama get re-endorsed despite the still faltering economy.

I explain how we can partly thank the fact that Mitt Romney didn’t provide a solid alternative–or any alternative–as he kept flip flopping to try and please everyone, to the delight of virtually no one.

I also describe the sweeping advances made in LGBT rights.

The gossip-world traumas featuring names like Katie Holmes, John Travolta, and even some non Scientology-related biggies.

The best and worst movies of the year, though a couple of them could have made both lists.

The sickest behavior–whether it be Sandusky, the Dark Knight Rises killer, or Tan Mom, who made a startling appearance at a New York gay bar I’m still bugging about.

(She was toasted!)

And the various horrors NYC underwent, like Hurricane Sandy and the new proposal banning large sodas.

Enjoy, and see if you agree. And be thankful that my oversized ideas are still legal.

Oh, and did I mention that I’m on the cover, dressed like Angelina?

With my leg out?

Don’t worry, I shaved it almost as much as she did.

(PS: In the spread, I also make memorable appearances as Clint Eastwood and Tan Mom. This issue’s a keeper.)

Photos by Santiago Felipe.