Shirley MacLaine’s Daughter’s Tell-All Is About To Come Out!


And it’s not filled with terms of endearment.

Suposedly, Shirley’s daughter Sachi Parker, who’s now 56, has written a bitter memoir called Lucky Me: My Life With–and Without–My Mom.

It threatens to be the new Momie Dearest, or at least the new My Mother’s Keeper (the sour tome written by Bette Davis‘s daughter B.D. Hyman, which sent Bette into a spiral of despair.)

According to a source quoted in The National Enquirer, the book tells of Shirley sending little Sachi off to live with her dad (producer Steve Parker) in Japan so Shirley could party and be free.

Well, I’ve read Shirley’s books and she paints a different, way more loving picture.

But I’m starting to wonder if Sachi has gone to see Bernie and cheered when the gay funeral director murders the arrogant, rich lady played by poor Shirley.