Zak Pelaccio’s New Restaurant Fish & Game in Hudson, NY — Exterior Views


Located in Hudson, New York, Zak Pelaccio and Jori Emde’s new restaurant is still a few months from opening.

Veteran of Chickenbone Cafe, Five Ninth, and the Fatty empire, Zak Pelaccio fled the city with wife Jori Emde last year to settle in Old Chatham, NY, up in Columbia County. This region of rolling hills and horse farms is sandwiched between the Hudson River and the Massachusetts border southeast of Albany. But what are the pair up to now?

The building dates to the late 19th century in the former whaling port (really!) of Hudson, NY.

For the last few months, they’ve been working on a new restaurant in Hudson, NY, a whistle stop on Amtrak just south of Albany. Tentatively named Fish & Game, perhaps after a local road north of Claverack, the place is a stone’s throw from the Hudson River. The town of Hudson has been undergoing a restaurant renaissance of late, and there are a dozen places (most famous: Swoon, which has been praised by Ruth Reichl) where you can drop a significant wad of cash on dinner.

FiTR didn’t manage to get inside the building — where work was ongoing, even on Christmas eve — but we managed to wander around and take pictures of the exterior. Looking through the windows, finishing work was proceeding on the interior walls, and the dining room downstairs alone appeared to have a capacity of 60 to 80 diners.

The structure dates to the 19th century, as evidenced by the cast-iron stars on the exterior that were important structural elements around 1880. Previously, the building had been a tea parlor called Verdigris. That establishment moved around the corner onto Warren Street, where there are two excellent bakeries to choose from. On the same thoroughfare is Crimson Sparrow, a restaurant started by veterans of WD-50.

In the back of Pelaccio’s place we saw the top and the ventilation work of a very serious smoker, reminding us of his last projects in NYC, Fatty ‘Cue and Fatty Cue. The name of the restaurant, slated to open in April, isn’t yet final, and neither is the menu. But a few tweets on the part of Pelaccio offer some tantalizing hints.

19 Dec
Ever been amazed by how much ugly flatware there is in the world? No? Well, you’re not missing much….

19 Dec
@jorijayne: Fun day of testing, ended it with a hot bowl of ramen tossed with braised pork and my leek kimchi.” Yeah. The girl killed it!

17 Dec
..and I told her: if you were made of sherry and chocolate I’d eat your fucking face off

17 Dec
Our Chef Hugh and guests Chef @ZakaryPelaccio and wife Chef Jori Jayne Emde talk food today at 2:00PM on “Eat Food or Die” 90.7 WGXC!

16 Dec
@ElHeisenberg …and I kept the blood…making sausage with it next week

14 Dec
Last night while shopping I was asked if it was snowing. Confused, I looked at my white flaked shirt and said “no, I was just killing geese”

5 Dec
in a small town I understand telling time by bell tower chime is old school because it assumes an attention span that can recall the chimes

29 Nov
We’re designing a new approach to creating our cuisine at fish&game in Hudson. Well, old & new in unison.

28 Nov
@jorijayne and I are designing plates for Fish & Game for our winter opening.

Pelaccio’s twitpic of notes on the future china at Food & Game

Dig all the smoker ductwork out back!

Hudson’s picturesque Warren Street, around sunset