Big and Happy: Being Fatter Might Increase Your Life Expectancy


Perfectly timed to correlate with healthy resolutions, The New York Times reports that a new study suggests certain overweight individuals might have a lower mortality rate than their thinner counterparts.

But before you engage in a full-on bacon binge, know this: The report explains that “those at the lowest obesity level (B.M.I. of 30 to 34.9) were not more likely to die than normal-weight people,” and that specific types of fat — specifically belly fat — are worse than others.

Another reason that larger individuals tend to live longer? “It is possible that overweight or somewhat obese people are less likely to die because they, or their doctors, have identified other conditions associated with weight gain, like high cholesterol or diabetes,” according to Dr. Robert Eckel. “[They’re] more likely to be in [their] doctor’s office and more likely to be treated.”

In case you need any further reason to support the argument to eat more meat, check out this video for the new, Destination America show, The United States of Bacon. You can’t fault a heightened B.A.D. (yes, that stands for bacon attention deficit).