Hillary’s Blood Clot: Will It Affect Her Presidential Chances?


Hillary Clinton is considered a top choice for the Democratic Presidential candidate in 2016.

But the blood clot she recently developed after a concussion has both sides offering their opinions as to whether this will hurt her chances (presuming she decides to run, of course).

Not surprisingly, it’s a conservative who told the Boston Herald that the clot is not a good sign because people want to vote for someone with “vigor,” even if they’re of a mature age.

They say that Hillary will be the same age as Ronald Reagan was when elected Prez, but he didn’t have a history of medical problems.

(Side note: Nor did he seem to have any awareness of any–especially AIDS.)

But a Dem weighs in that this is just “a bump in the road” as it were, and Hill has engendered so much good will it won’t be a factor at all.

I totally agree with that–especially since doctors say she’ll make a full recovery as they rip up the tabloids hinting around that it was brain cancer!