Current TV Dropped By Time Warner Now That Al Jazeera Has Bought It


Al Gore and cofounder Joel Hyatt have sold the politically minded Current TV to the Arab TV network Al Jazeera, which is thrilled to have a stronger foothold in the American market.

But Time Warner–which showed Current in both NYC and L.A.–has terminated its agreement with them now that they’ve been sold.

(A little Arabia-phobia there? Or were they dying to drop the channel anyway, because of naggingly low ratings?)

Current will still be distributed by Comcast, DirecTV, and other venues, but it seems like my friend Keith Olbermann–whom they let go, mid-contract–might have the last laugh since it’s going to be a different slate of stuff anyway, and tons of people won’t be able to watch it!

I wish Al Jazeera all the best with this new venture, especially since I had a nice experience going on their network once.

In fact, I’m available for more commentary–big surprise–and even if NYC and L.A. can’t see it, I’m still available.

And if it grows according to their plan, I’m definitely available.

But enough about me.