All Hail the Punjabi Hero at Tastee Curritos!


The chicken achari sub at Tastee Curritos.

Don’t you just love fusion? You fall asleep for a moment, and it leaps up and bites you on the ass. Such was the case with the chicken achari hero at MacDougal Street newcomer Tastee Curritos.

The chile-dotted innards of the chicken achari sub

The idea is pure genius. Most Punjabi chicken curries in Indian restaurants are hobbled by being made with skinless, boneless, and boring breast-meat chicken. But put the same thing in a sandwich, and it turns out to make wonderful filling.

You can get such subs as chicken keema, butter chicken (a/k/a chicken makhani), paneer tikka masala, and Punjabi chole (chick peas), the latter two vegetarian.

FiTR tried the chicken achari and it was fiery and pungent with mixed pickle. At $6, it was almost sharable in size. We also tried a scrambled egg wrap, which at $4 was a great deal. It was tasty, but not as tasty as the chicken achari sub.

Tastee Curritos (snappy name, though sounding more Mexican than Indian) replaces an earlier Indian chip shop, and has retained its signature dish — a masala fries that sprinkles a spice mixture on regular french fries, to great effect.

Tastee Curritos
99 MacDougal Street

Open at least till 3 a.m., seven days

For the same $6 at Tastee Curritos, you can get any filling in a wrap rather than a sub.

The unda (egg) wrap is only $4.

The only other branch of Tastee Curritos is in Iselin, NJ.