Fool Your Friends with 2013’s Finest Fake Coachella Posters


At the start of a new year, the sporting season of the music bloggers begins: it’s time to fool the Internet with phony Coachella lineup leaks! The genuine roster for 2013’s festival likely won’t be unveiled until later in the month, giving us a few great weeks of posting Photoshopped posters to Facebook.

Using a handy template created by someone called ameeps on the official Coachella Forums, I whipped up a few shabby fakes to make fools of your more gullible pals.


The Vaguely Plausible But Extremely Disappointing Coachella Poster
Here we find the heartbreaking worst-case scenario: a disappointing collection of safe choices, fake-indie dullards and obsolete also-rans; the only big draw is the Rolling Stones, but they’ve been so hotly tipped as a 2013 headliner that they’ll just be a spoiled surprise for most. [Click to enlarge]

Up next: The Outrageously Too-Good-to-be-True Coachella Poster


The Outrageously Too-Good-to-be-True Coachella Poster
Your more gullible friends will be agog at this cornucopia of unlikely reunions, surprise comebacks, critical darlings and the occasional tantalizingly nonexistent act. [Click to enlarge]

Up next: The Descent into Madness


The Descent into Madness
Finally, a fake for your less attentive pals. A glance around the headliners suggests a fairly straightforward lineup, but closer reading reveals certain irregularities. [Click to enlarge]

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