Chris Christie Explains His Extreme Actions


Just recently, New Jersey governor Chris Christie went vocally ballistic on fellow Republican John Boehner for delaying a vote on the multi-billion-dollar package to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Christie and New York Governor Cuomo released a statement saying, “When American citizens are in need, we come to their aid. The tradition was abandoned in the House last night.” The Jersey gov went so far as to call the delay “disappointing and disgusting”.

Well, Christie was right on the money with that–his extremism got results–and now he steps forward to further illuminate his actions.

In the linked article, Christie says he tried to call Boehner four times to find out what was happening with this issue, but he didn’t get a return call.

“I would have reacted differently if the speaker had picked up my phone calls Tuesday night and explained what he was doing. The fact that 66 days had already gone by with no assistance, all that stuff conspired to create the reaction I gave.”

Christie doesn’t always react perfectly to crises, mind you, but he’s trying.

As the article notes, “In 2010, he flew to Disney World hours before snow crippled New Jersey.

“A year later, he overplayed Tropical Storm Irene with the now-infamous order, ‘Get the hell off the beach!’ ”

“I had a sense from the beginning that this one was going to be really bad,” said Christie about Sandy.

“I might have been firmer in Sandy if it hadn’t been for the experience of Irene when I got everybody off the beach and nothing really awful happened.”

Still, he’s gotten kudos for his handling, and he’s starting to look almost Presidential. Could this guy be Hillary’s opponent in 2016? Will the Republicans embrace a candidate whose shtick is to actually care for people and want the government to help them?