Every Movie Studio Turned Down Liberace Movie As “Too Gay!”


So says Oscar winning director Steven Soderbergh, who peddled Behind The Candelabra–with Michael Douglas as flaming pianist Liberace and Matt Damon as his younger lover–all around Hollywood for years.

Despite that A-list lineup, Soderbergh says every single studio told him the exact same thing: “Nope. Not interested. Too gay.”

And all it needed was a five million dollar budget!

These are the same cretins who will greenlight budgets many times that for dumb action movies or romcoms created by mid-level hacks.

These are the same boors who will stand by and watch a Brokeback Mountain win acclaim and make money, but will still turn down a script because it’s supposedly too gay!

They know full well about the highly coveted gay dollar–and they are also informed enough to know that not only gays would go to see a movie about a legend, his music, and his personal dramas–but they’d rather blithely turn their backs on all that and feed into old prejudices and restrictions.

They seize the chance to ignore progress and refuse to advance progress while projecting their own ignorance and bigotry–and by the way, some of those studio heads happen to be gay themselves!

Oh, well.

The movie’s ending up on HBO and Sodebrergh is actually glad it worked out that way.

I guess it stands for Homosexual Box Office.