I Was So Good On CNN Yesterday


Pungent and informative and so cute I wanted to pinch my cheeks through the screen when I got home and watched it.

On CNN International, I was the featured guest brought on to prognosticate about the Oscar nominations, which are coming this Thursday like a whole other Christmas morning.

I said Anne Hathaway was a lock for doing even better than Susan Boyle did with that song. I explained how Daniel Day-Lewis will break a record by bagging his third Best Actor award. I talked about the inevitable Oscar night appearance of the new, happy Adele to sing “Skyfall.”

I discussed how a lot of the top contenders for Best Picture are history lessons centering on pivotal, feelgood moments in world politics. (Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty, Argo)

I talked about the Best Foreign Film category and said Amour from Austria will beat out France’s The Intouchables, Romania’s Beyond the Hills, and Chile’s No for the prize.

And I ended by saying that quality is by no means all when it comes to the Oscar race. Campaigning, schmoozing, lunching, advertising, and doing virtually everything short of kissing babies are all essential to grabbing the gold.

Unless you’re Monique.

Oh, how cute was I!