What’s the Drunkest City in the U.S.? (Hint: It’s Not New York.)


Sure, New Yorkers like booze. But, according to a list composed by The Daily Beast, Bostonians like it a lot more. Boston continues its reign as the drunkest city in America with 20.1 percent of the population identified as “binge drinkers.” New York, on the other hand, doesn’t even rank in the top 20.

Where are people drinking these days? Milwaukee, apparently.

Other notable locations on the list include Philadelphia (#19), Omaha (#12), and Washington, D.C. (#9) — all of which we would never have expected to beat New York at anything. There’s always next year. [TDB via Eater]

Here are the Top 10 Drunkest Cities in the U.S.
1. Boston
2. Norfolk, Va.
3. Milwaukee
4. Charleston, S.C.
5. Austin, Texas
6. Hartford-New Haven, Conn.
7. New Orleans
8. Chicago
9. Washington, D.C.
10. Providence, R.I.