Hero Sandwiches Named After Italian Stars Are Sold In Bensonhurst, Brooklyn Joint


My old neighborhood not only teems with good Italian food, but they got wit too.

At Lioni’s, they hawk dozens upon dozens of heroes, each named after an Italian-American celebrity and each one described with a cute little quip.

There’s the Dean Martin (“We’ll drink to this one”), the Joe DiMaggio (“this is a big hit”), the Marisa Tomei (“give this to your cousin Vinny”), the Ida Lupino (“a great actress–a great hero”), and so many more mouth-watering delights with show biz connections.

But as Sirius star Anita Sarko points out, they have a Rita Hayworth hero! Rita wasn’t Italian at all, but half Spanish! (Still, she was born in Brooklyn, so it’s fine with me. Besides, I’d be afraid to tell these people about a mistake.)

But hold on, here’s the biggest mistake of all: They don’t have a Michael Musto sandwich, even though I’m Italian and from Bensonhurst!

How about “the Musto, heavy on the fruit”?