UPDATE: Pro-Gun Radio Host Alex Jones Fears Being Offed by NYPD/Mafia Following Epic CNN Interview


Glory to God, Alex Jones uploaded a video after his interview on Piers Morgan Tonight, and dare we say that it might’ve outdone his original rant, which led to him trending nationally on Twitter. Jones was back in his hotel room after the taping, and he claimed to fear for his life.

Before yesterday, Jones was best known for his conspiracy theories, and in his video he recalled being cased after the show by shady, intimidating police officers in advance of a possible NYPD/Mafia murder plot. Jones broke it down: “The way this will work is, ‘Oh see, they’re here protesting gun grabs. Oh, some crack dealers shot ’em.’ And if you don’t know that Bloomberg’s total Mafia, you’re not living on Planet Earth and reality.”

He ended what he suspected might be his last ever recorded video with this possibly eternal line: “We’ve got Goodfellas climbing out our butts right now. Alex Jones signing off for I love you.”

Update 2: Alex Jones is still alive.

Last night, Alex Jones sat down with CNN host Piers Morgan on Piers Morgan Tonight to ostensibly explain to the American people, and to Morgan himself, why Jones started an official petition to have the Brit deported, and more importantly, to debate the gun culture in America.

What transpired, though, was either better or worse, depending on where your political loyalties lie, but inarguably and literally breathtaking. Basically, Jones lost it. In an attempt, we guess, to hijack and steer the conversation, the Texan went on an awesome, awesome rant when, among other things, he promised that “1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms,” threatened Morgan to a boxing match, called 9/11 an inside job, and spoke in an English accent for an awkwardly long time. (It got more way epic than that, but really, it’d be a crime to spoil it for you.)

We at the Voice have thrown thousands of words onto this blog after the Aurora and Newtown shootings, but we’d be lying if we were to say we’ve done as much for gun control over the last few months as Alex Jones did in 14 short, beautiful minutes. It shouldn’t take long before Fox News and their ilk disavow Jones publicly. Even though many conservatives agree in principle at least with what Jones is saying, Jones is a fucking nutcase and, we are convinced, very probably a liberal plant.