Watch Chick-fil-A Pranksters ‘Trade’ Homosexuality for Chicken Sandwiches


Robert and John admit to the camera that they “let their feelings get the best of them” the night before. Luckily they have these handy dandy “Trade your homosexuality for a free chicken sandwich” coupons. Then they try to use the coupons at an actual Chick-fil-A.

Of course, the waitress has no idea what they’re talking about. “I’ve never seen these before,” she says. Until she gives them the free chicken sandwiches.

“Well we did it! We traded our homosexuality for a couple of free chicken sandwiches,” Robert says.

Satirical group, Chick-fil-A Foundation is behind the prank, and you can even print out a “coupon” from its website. You too can denounce your homosexuality for a free chicken sandwich. It’s that easy!