Former City Councilman Orders $177 Bagel, Sentenced To Jail For Five Years


This has to go down as the Most Vengeful Bagel Ever.

A few months ago, former Bronx City Councilman Larry Seabrook, whom Tom Robbins once called a “serial fraudster,” was taken to court on an assortment of embezzlement charges. Throughout his tenure, he had siphoned nearly one million dollars worth in taxpayer dollars into the pockets of him and his family; the money was spent on vacationing, fat salaries and to pay bills of luxury. In order to do so, Seabrook forged government expense receipts – one of which included a $7 bagel changed to a $177 bagel.
For this reason, Seabrook was sentenced yesterday in court to five years in state prison. On top of that, he’ll be forced to pay hundreds of thousands in fines and forfeitures. Also, this isn’t the first time Seabrook has mean to court: two years ago, he was convicted of similar charges but authorities were unable to collect enough evidence to sentence him. Therefore, the result was a mistrial.
This time around, he wasn’t so lucky.

But, according to DOI Comissioner Rose Gill Hearn, it was about damn time:

“Larry Seabrook diverted hundreds of thousands of dollars from the public till into the pockets of his favored cronies. Today, he is a convicted felon, stripped of his City Council position, who must serve prison time. His sentence punctuates a powerful message that abusing government power to steal has serious consequences..”

Seabrook will have to submit himself to the authorities by early March. That gives him plenty of time to eat a few cheap bagels.