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Three One-Woman Shows In A Row Are Coming!


I generally loathe one-person shows because they often fail to be all that dramatic, usually consisting of a long-winded famous person pretending to be another long-winded famous person, taking an occasional breath only when the phone rings.

But the three one-woman shows that are coming sound like they have more promise than the usual solipsistic fests–and they’re all opening just in time for the Tony awards deadline!

First, Holland Taylor will star as colorful ex-Texas Governor Ann Richards in Ann, and since it’s Taylor’s first Broadway appearance since the legendary flop Moose Murders, it sounds like a step up.

Then, Fiona Shaw will play the Virgin Mary–yes, her again–in The Testament of Mary, where the world’s oldest virgin except for Debbie Reynolds yanks the old Jesus/Mary chain.

And finally, opening on April 24, is I’ll Eat You Last: A Chat With Sue Mengers, with Bette Midler as big-eyeglassed agent Sue Mengers (the woman who was memorably riffed on by Dyan Cannon in the movie The Last of Sheila).

This one has real pedigree. In addition to the commitment by Midler–whom I’d see even if she read Craigs List out loud–it’s written by John Logan (Red, Skyfall), directed by Joe Mantello, and produced by Graydon Carter.

Sounds like the kind of thing Mengers herself would have brokered.