How to Make the Sur Lie Swizzle at Maison Premiere


Hey, Francophiles. Put down the Camus — or turn off the Les Mis soundtrack — and head to Maison Premiere. The Paris by way of Williamsburg cafe boasts a list of 30 different varietals of oysters and about half a dozen Absinthe cocktails.

Don’t want to lose an evening to the green monster? Order the Sur Lie Swizzle instead. The Muscadet-based drink is finished with Applejack, lemon juice, and cinnamon syrup, leaving it tart and slightly spicy. À votre santé!

The Drink: Sur Lie Swizzle

The Bar: Maison Premiere

The Price: $14

The Ingredients:1 oz. applejack, 2 oz. muscadet, 1 oz. cinnamon syrup, .75 fresh lemon juice (garnish with grated nutmeg)

The Method: Build ingredients in Hurricane glass, fill glass halfway up with ice, swizzle, add a little more ice, swizzle, top with more crushed ice and garnish.