In Girls’ New Season, The Gay Guy Sleeps With….



The new season of HBO’s Girls–a/k/a Sex and the City with walkups–doesn’t start till January 13, but at the premiere at the Skirball Center last night, we caught the first three glibly entertaining episodes that are a-coming.

And in the first one, Hannah’s gay roommate Elijah (Andrew Rannells) goes to a surprising place–a woman.

Elijah has a flirtation with Hannah’s friend Marnie (Allison Williams), which leads to him taking his clothes off and actually mounting her.

Elijah actually “pumps” it a few times, and I thought, “Oh no! Not another ‘gay person having sex with a straight person’ plot. I’ve seen that a few too many times on TV and in movies, if not necessarily in life.”

But thank God–SPOILER ALERT–he can’t keep it up. His erection wilts as much as his old relationship with Hannah did. (He later came out.) And it turns out he was merely once again trying to prove something to himself, but learns “You don’t have to try to be anything that you’re not.”


By the way, episode three celebrates individuality in its own way by giving a nice plug to metaphorically conjoined DJs Andrew Andrew, who make an appearance in a scene at Greenhouse.

And as I left the premiere, I saw creator/cowriter/Hannah-portrayer Lena Dunham herself complaining to a friend, “I have to pee. I haven’t peed for so long, it’s going to come back up through me!”

Now that’s individuality.