Lose 20 Pounds In Only Six Weeks! If You Want To!


Dr. Ian K. Smith is a regular on the Rachael Ray Show, was the doc on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club for six seasons, and was personally asked by President Obama to serve on the President’s Council of Fitness.

And while his waistline is very small, his resume is getting even bulkier. Dr. Smith–not to be confused with my other hero, Dr. Smith from Lost in Space–has written SHRED: The Revolutionary Diet, which outlines six weeks of weight loss that combine a low glycemic index diet, meal spacing, meal replacements, exercise, and “diet confusion”. And it’s selling like low glycemic hotcakes. In fact, SHRED just hit number one on the Times‘s chart of hardcover advice books.

I just talked to Smith to get the goods.

Hello, doctor. So the six weeks are described as Prime, Challenge, Transformation, Ascend, Cleanse, and Explode. Then what?

Depending on how much weight you have to lose, some people will be done in six weeks. Some do other cycles. But you always do them differently than the other cycles. The book asks you to keep track of how much weight you’re losing per week and how you feel about that week.

How do you know how much you should set out to lose?

Any good nutritionist will tell you good weight loss is considered to be on average one to three pounds per week. We tested 5000 people and found the average weight loss is 20 pounds in six weeks.

Your book includes many detailed meals and snacks for the six weeks. Do people have to do massive grocery shopping in advance of the whole thing?

No. We posted on our Facebook page what the grocery list is gonna be for the week ahead. We don’t want you doing six weeks of shopping.

Would it help if the dieters had a personal chef?

The people who lost weight dramatically on this program are regular people–they don’t have trainers, they don’t have chefs. Regular people!

And some celebrities too, right? Like who?

Steve Harvey just signed up this week. He’s on day three, as we speak. He talks about it every day. He says he hasn’t cheated.

Gosh, I hope I can get to day eight without cheating. I’d love to get from Prime to Challenge!