James Franco Reimagines The Controversial Gay Movie Cruising


Here’s Leonard Maltin‘s description of the 1980 William Friedkin film Cruising, starring Al Pacino.

“Cop Pacino goes underground to ferret out bloody killer of homosexuals in this distasteful, badly scripted film. Gay world presented as sick, degrading, and ritualistic. Filmed on authentic N.Y.C. locations.”

Funny, I always thought it was just the killer who’s sick and degrading, while the leather gays were just being themselves and partying.

But in any case, the movie caused a righteous controversy and has always been a sore spot for the community–in my case because 40 minutes of gay S&M footage was rumored to be cut from it (to avoid an X rating) and has never been seen!

Until now–sort of. The fearless James Franco–who never shies away from gay content–has codirected and costarred in a film coming to the Sundance Festival called Interior. Leather Bar, which reimagines what was in the lost Cruising footage.

It’s a long way from Planet of the Apes–or is it?