Japanese Breakfast at Panya in the East Village


The Japanese breakfast is a wild farrago of tastes and textures, but where to start?

If you’re tired of brunching on the usual eggs benedict, french toast with fruit, or basket of muffins, consider the traditional Japanese breakfast at Panya Bakery on Stuyvesant Street in the middle of the East Village’s Little Tokyo.

The bento-boxed wonder is being served in a revamped Panya, which also offers all sorts of Western pastries, for those in your party who take one look at the box and get cold feet.

Starting in the upper lefthand corner and moving downward through the rows from left to right, the box contains: a green salad dressed with a carrot-ginger dressing, which was actually invented in Little Tokyo; dolled-up miso soup containing bean curd, Napa cabbage, etc.; generous bowl of white rice; bean sprout salad; mushroom salad; natto beans (you can skip this one, not for the faint of heart, the staff will arrange a substitute); nori sheets wrapped in plastic; salmon filet or other fish of the day; and pickles.

The cost of the traditional Japanese breakfast at this serve-yourself establishment is $9.50.