Jodie Foster’s Coming Out Speech: My Thoughts


On tonight’s Golden Globes awards, special honoree Jodie Foster gave the most defiant almost-coming-out speech I’ve ever heard.

It was sort of a coming out mixed with an apologia for not coming out combined with an explanation that she supposedly has long been out (at least to everyone around her), wrapped up in a blaring plea for privacy, and topped with a retirement-from-acting speech.

And on top of all that she sprinkled a lovely thank you to her ex partner and coparent Cydney Bernard.

I’m still trying to figure it all out (especially since, where I saw it, there was a weird sound glitch that cut out what she was saying for about 10 seconds–though I looked it up later).

All I can say is I love Jodie’s work and understand the pressures she’s been through since child stardom. Also, I’m glad she never faked an opposite-sex partner or tried to convince the public she was straight.

But instead of this cockamamie speech, she could have just said “Yep, I’m gay.” Twenty years ago.