BrisketTown Jumps on the Austin Breakfast-Taco Bandwagon


You can get up early on a Saturday and enjoy this smoked-brisket taco as early 8 a.m.!

When I wrote about Dan Delaney’s new BrisketTown a month ago, I hinted that the place is a kind of laboratory where menu experiments would be ongoing. At the time pies were the subject of experimentation, and now it’s breakfast tacos, an Austin, TX staple that is gradually gaining adherence in New York, via such places as Williamsburg’s Whirlybird.

Another view of the brisket taco ($4)

Well, now BrisketTown is in the Tex-Mex taco business in a big way. From noon till 3 p.m. on weekdays, and weekends from 8 a.m. till 3 p.m., three different tacos are available. First in prominence, of course, is the brisket taco, made from the pit’s signature long-smoked meat, plus scrambled eggs, cilantro, pickled purple onions (that’s the Brooklyn touch), and chile sauce. Unless I’m mistaken, that sauce is Sriracha — just the sort of sneaky ingredient you might find on a breakfast taco in Austin.

Not quite as good, but still well worth eating, the so-called bacon taco is made of pulled pork belly prepared in the smoker. There’s also a vegetarian taco whose principal ingredient is nicely charred brussels sprouts. A nifty idea.

Coffee and a selection of pastries is also available. Tacos come, Austin style, on flour tortillas, but you can also get corn if you request it.

The vegetarian taco ($3.50) at BrisketTown

BrisketTown lies just north of the Williamsburg Bridge on Bedford. See map below.