FoxNation Equates Black Men With Chimps, Transgender People with Mrs. Doubtfire


Angry link-aggregatin’ shithole is the website of choice for white people who can’t get through the day without saying “I’m not racist, but here’s the problem with [INSERT OTHER RACE HERE].”

Most days, the site’s main page offers a couple dozen misleading or made-up headlines designed to trigger the outrage centers of the Limbaugh audience; also, there are often photos of busty actresses in bikinis.

Click on these stories, and you’re treated to long, dumb threads in which commenters complain that minorities in America are the real racists — all while using terms like “bl&cks” and “n-s” to slow down whatever FoxNation intern is tasked with mucking these Stygian stables.

The Fox web editors are usually savvy about never being directly, obviously racist themselves. Instead, they chum the waters racists’ frequent with headlines guaranteed to piss racists off: Today’s include “Sotomayor: My Race Got Me Into Princeton” and “Jesse Jackson: ‘Assault Weapons Are a Threat to ‘Homeland Security,'” which inspires this typical reader comment:


Usually the FoxNation editors play their race-baiting by Price is Right rules: They come as close to being openly racist as they can without going over. This morning, though, they went all in. Check out the story selection below:

Sure, there’s chance that’s an accident. There’s also a chance some editor over there is kicking back proudly and, in tones of faux innocence, humming the old Sesame Street song “One of these things is not like the other …”

Here’s a bit of dickishness that nobody can pretend is an accident:

For the record, the number of transgender Americans asking insurance to cover boobfires each year is minuscule.

Incidentally, if I were interested in illustrating stories with a crude jokey representation of who this site’s readers believe the story to be about, this piece on FoxNation commenters and editors would require a shot of pale, soft dollops of cookie dough on a baking sheet not yet put into the oven.

The interesting moral question at FoxNation usually is “Who’s worse? The vile commenters who spew hatred that Fox whitewashes, or the hardworking editors, who manage the heat lamps in which such hatred incubates?” Today it’s clear: They’re all the worst, period.

BONUS: Here’s FoxNation commenters on “socialist” Lena Dunham:

Note the liberal in there calling them “RepubliKKKan,” which is entirely wrongheaded. Unlike these guys, the Klan at least got out of the house once in a while.