Another Star From The Golden Globes Comes Out


Victor Garber was one of the people onstage at the Golden Globes after it was announced that Argo–which he’s in–had copped Best Picture, Drama.

He’s also in the series Deception.

But I guess he doesn’t want any more deception.

Last week, when a blogger asked him if the Wikipedia entry is true saying that he lives with his male companion, Garber replied, “I don’t really talk about it, but everyone knows.”

He added that his partner will be with him at the SAG Awards.

And that was that. Casual, yet not without meaning.

First we had the Jodie Foster “I don’t feel the need to come out but I am out ” approach, and now there’s a whole new “I don’t talk about it, but everyone knows” shtick.

God, I long for the old “Yep, I’m gay” days.