Horse and Pig DNA Found in British Chain’s Beef Patties


British grocery chain Tesco announced this week that it would pull all beef products made with meat from a questionable supplier after an an investigation by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland found the “beef” was contaminated with horse and pig DNA. In one case, a sample Tesco beef patty was in fact composed of 29% horse meat.

The FSAI tested a number of Tesco’s prepared foods made with beef, including the patties and frozen shepherd’s pie, and found that 37 percent of them contained horse DNA while 85 percent contained pig DNA.

Furious consumers are rightly wondering how the mislabeled meat has found its way to their table and Reuters reports that Prime Minister David Cameron has called for an investigation by Britain’s Food Standards Agency. “This is a completely unacceptable state of affairs,” Cameron said in Parliament.

Three other chains selling in Britain — Aldi, Iceland, and Lidl — are also removing beef products contaminated with horse meat from their shelves, and the investigation is ongoing.

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