The Egg-centric South Indian Menu of Chennai Flavors, in Jersey City


At Chennai Flavors, Chennai egg masala features hard-boiled eggs as its principal ingredient.

This week Counter Culture scrambles into Chennai Flavors, a new restaurant just north of Jersey City’s Journal Square that features the regional fare of the former city of Madras in South India. It is one of several South Indian restaurants that have appeared there in the last few years, a trend that seems to be moving in the direction of city-specific restaurants that define South Asian regional cuisines more narrowly.

One of the lovable quirks of Chennai Flavors is its highlighting of egg dishes, which is unusual in an Indian restaurant — at least till now. Here are more egg dishes you can get there, in addition to coconut-laced seafood, fiery chicken curries, lamb and mutton braises, chaats featuring crunchy things, and tandoori kebabs and flatbreads.

Podimas is a fine-grained scramble of eggs shot with cilantro and a mild masala, perfect brunch fare.

Green onions and cilantro enliven the rather flat omelet at Chennai Flavors.

Kottu paratha is a sort of Indian bread salad along the lines of Tuscan panzanella, featuring strips of flatbread tossed with scrambled egg.