Baby Gibbon Born at The Bronx Zoo and Holy Crap is it Cute


A rare white-cheeked baby gibbon was born at The Bronx Zoo yesterday, according to The Wildlife Conservation Society. Rare white-cheeked baby gibbons are freaking adorable, according to everyone that has seen a photo of one. The quizzical and enchanting poses of their tiny gibbon faces will mesmerize you. They may be “lesser apes”, but they are definitely greater models–WARNING: do not lock eyes with a gibbon unless you want your heart stolen.

The disgustingly-cute infant was born to mother, Christine (who goes by “Kicks”), and father, Milton. This is Kicks’ 11th baby and Milton’s first. Kicks, who at 35 is 20 years older than Milton, has not stated publicly if she will accept any reality show offers from TLC.

All newborn gibbons are born with a buff coat that turns black over their first two years. Once they reach sexual maturity, males remain black and females change back to their lighter color. Keepers have not yet determined the gender of the infant. Suggestions for possible gender-neutral names includes: Dylan, Pat, Jo, Jules, and #OMGWhyAreYouSoDamnCute!

For now Kicks, Milton, and their new baby live in JungleWorld, a spectacular indoor Asian rainforest habitat that features several multi-species exhibits. However, if they truly give a crap about their kid, they may want to consider moving to Brooklyn and constantly talking about it. With their precious baby already one day old, the family is already way behind on applying to any of the good NYC kindergartens, but we wish them the best of luck.

Now here is some darling baby gibbon video provided by The Wildlife Conservation society.